Yes, we certainly are: "A flexible and selective Enterprise Consultancy that helps small businesses grow and helps build the capacity and funds of charities and voluntary organisations. With hand-picked management tools we use ourselves and with fantastic training days. All backed up by our one to consultations and practical implementations."...

...but more to the point. We like getting stuck in with interesting businesses or projects that produce interesting results. So projects that really benefit other people and communities or help individuals become more enterprising.

Now for all the negative stuff...

We suspect that somewhere, sometime we've had a client that wasn't entirely happy with our work. Of course we've never actually heard of one, and we do our best to ensure this never happens, but you never know...

So in order to satisfy the purists I wasgoing to list a few quotes from clients. Not the best or even the worst but those nearest to hand at the time of writing because they were probably sent in an email.

In fact we won't even go that far. In all honesty a lot of the comments are about the style and flow of the workshops and putting people at ease. Often it's just a little note to say that an author is making progress on a book, or from a fundraiser who got that grant or took the plunge and launched that fundraising campaign. However, the one or two we've all liked are from SME's and business owners that feel we've helped them get their act together and stay in business and follow their dreams. For us that feels like freeing someone from prison. That's why we call ourselves Enterprise Consultants.

...And a few other interesting bits:

  • It used to be said " Give a man to fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." Unfortunately fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Niger Delta are proof that this is no longer the case. The fish are dead from oil pollution and massive commercail over-fishing. So today's entrepreneur needs to be a bit more savvy.
  • Our previous clients include Essex County Council, Norfolk County Council, Churches Together in Britain & Ireland (CTBI), Blackstone Foundation, Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, Community Media, Phoenix Transport, Zawadi Enterprises, Athea Hall Theatre Company, New Caravans (Spain/Brazil), Blackstone Foundation (USA), Oxford University.
  • The Open Trade Network supports free, fair and open trade through tangible and freely chosen currencies, fair and non-usurious contracts and freely accessible & open markets.
  • The training programme Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising was developed from hands-on fundraising experience and being asked to help others with their fundraising. The book of the same name was developed from the course material. The experience of publishing and distributing that and many other books, led to the popular self-publishing training and consultancy programme which has led to a whole new set of creative individuals as clients and some other interesting collaborations.
  • Our Senior Consultant is a long-standing member of the Open Trade Network, Institute of Fundraising (InF) and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IoEE) and has sat on the board of a number of charities as well as being an author, playwright and advocate of free, fair and open trade practices.

Contact us via the web or call us on 070 5027 2280 to see how we can be of assistance.


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