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Daylite for CRM, Productivity and Project & Donor Management. Designed for the unique needs of the Mac-based business or non-profit organisation

Daylite’s time-saving features include shared calendars, seamless integration with Apple Mail, project and activity delegation, multiple pipeline views, a built-in report writer, sophisticated offline capabilities, and a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Daylite is a milestone achievement for the Mac community, directly addressing the day-to-day productivity needs of Mac users. Furthermore Daylite's has many great new features including Daylite Mail Appliacation (DMA) as standard. So no need to keep forwarding or re-directing important emails to colleagues. With one click simply save the email to the relevant contact, organisation or project in Daylite so that everyone who needs to can see it instantly, whenever, wherever.

Manage and retain your clients and donors

Daylite will help you clearly see who you are dealing with and what they've supported in the past. Whether you want to immediately see your previous business with people, search your list of freelancers for the people with the right skills or create a mass marketing campaign, Daylite can make it better.

Organise your projects, deliver on your promises and hit your targets

Break down your ongoing projects into clear and definable sections. Delegate employees to specific and achievable time specific tasks, set up meetings and view it all on the integrated calendars, synchable with iCal.

Easily and clearly see the interactions between projects, people and others organisations, and see the project progress with instant reports, delivered to your inbox.




Develop your business and gain new customers or donors

While useful for a day to day and sale to sale view, Daylite will also help expand and build your organisation. Quickly and easily create targets and opportunities for your business to grow, and at any point create accurate and informative reports showing your progress. Add notes, emails, call logging, anniversaries or new developments to your projects and contacts.

Access from anywhere

With Daylite Touch you can check up on information about people you meet and your calendar when you really need it. View tasks by location to get them done without running back and forth, and get reminders of what you need to do wherever you are. With Daylite Touch you can set up meetings on the spot and make notes immediately.


Let Us help You set up Daylite for your business

DMC Consultancy can work with you to implement Daylite in a way that directly helps you. Whether you just want help with installation, all the way to planning, implementing Daylite and extensive training for employees, DMC Consultancy has the knowledge and experience to help.

We offer:

  • Introductory workshops and presentations - We'll introduce Daylite to you in an easy to understand way. Either come to one of our presentations at an Apple store or we can come to you.
  • Implementations - We'll work with you to find out your organisation's individual needs and create a Daylite solution before training you in exactly how best to use it.
  • Training for existing users - if you are currently useing Daylite but are confused or having problems we can help out in a way that helps you. Whether that means a training session or individual consultation your needs come first.
  • Daylite for fundraisers - If you are a charity or social enterprise managing donors and fundraising stategies then we can certainly help you get the most out of fundraising, using a unique template designed by Amal Douglas, author of Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising and acclaimed fundraising consultant.

Contact us by email or call us on 070 5027 2280 to see how we can help you.


Daylite: a comprehensive and inclusive solution to consolidating and expanding your organisation

Click Here to Buy or Upgrade to Daylite 4