Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising
A Handbook for the Professional Fundraiser
by Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas

...definitely the best fundraising book I've ever read...

" You come up with a great programme of activity and you want to come up with a great project description which hits all the key points.  You realise that you need to first of all break the project down into all its component parts, so that you leave nothing out. You also now realise that this fundraising project should be put through the fundraising cycle in order to achieve maximum results... "

" ...You know you need to get a good team  involved, drawing on their different perspectives and expertise in a way that keeps everyone happy and enhances the fundraising project greatly, even though this may well mean eventually choosing a completely new funding method that you are not used to.

The great thing is that having gone through this book, Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising, you are now fully equipped with all the skills and confidence you need to handle all of this well...very well! "

That is the least we expect from anyone reading this book. This is a book for the experienced professional fundraiser who wants to widen his grasp of the subject, for the consultant who deals with a diverse range of clients and projects, and for those new to fundraising who want to immediately adopt best practice, but most of all it is for those who want funding success.

This fantastic book is based on the series of Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising workshops that have been formulated and delivered across the UK by Amal Douglas of the DMC Consultancy in  the UK, already helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people get their fundraising act together, and now all the secrets are yours to refer to, study and have at your fingertips 24/7.


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