Comprehensive support, training and tested techiques for Daylitefundraising "newbies" and seasoned professionals

The book, the training & workshops, the consultations. This is where you really can find whatever it takes to make you have greater impact and success in your fundraising endeavours. If fundraising is just a job for you then why not bcome a great and sought after professional? On the other hand if you are passionate about supporting your cause then remember great projects deserve great fundraising behind them.

Don't do it all yourself - Make everyone a fundraiser

Our flagship programme is a one day training programme which we have delivered across the UK with amazing results. Modules include:

  • Building a Winning Team;
  • The Fundraising Cycle;
  • Diversifying the Fundraising Strategy
  • Developing a Compelling Case for Support;
  • Internet Fundraising;
  • Databases & Donor Management;
  • How to Submit Really Great Grant Applications
  • ... and a whole lot more that will change the way you go about fundraising forever.

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Take the money on the table - Diversify the fundraising strategy

We all have our comfort zones and fundraisers are no exception. It is so easy to rely on just one or two forms of fundraising and rule out so many others as unsuitable. This, in effect, is turning your back on money already sitting on the table

So for many of our clients the most significant thing in making them better fundraisers was introducing them to a brand new range of fundraisng techniques, or simply explaining how well known techniques could in fact work for them.


Tools & Tips at your Fingertips - Buy the Book

A brilliantly written and extremely useful book based on the training programme of the same name. The chapter on diversifying the fundraising strategy by itself is more than enough to impact significantly on most fundraisers. Added to that is the Working Styles Questionnaire and analysis which is often the most significant part of the day for those who attend the live workshops. This especially so when combined with a true understanding of the fundraising Cycle as it is outlined in the book.

Makes a brilliant gift for trustees, volunteers and professional fundraisers.

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Take the easy road - Make use of the ineternet, mobile phones, management software and new technology

There is a plethora of software, websites, phone apps and more to help in your fundraising. We could say some are good, some are great and some are absolutely awful, but it really depends on the person using them. However, there are some software apps like Daylite which we use to manage all our contacts and donors, Paypal donate buttons or Just Giving. We'll recommend what we think will be good for you and help you implement, but we'll also help you evaluate any other existing or recommended tools in order to get the best out of it.

Tailored support for you and your organisation

We have designed specialist training packages for many organisations and groups including:

  • Trustees
  • Professional fundraisers
  • Church organisatons & faith groups
  • Youth & childrens projects
  • social enterprises
  • private schools

We can, of course, do the same for you.

We offer:

  • One to One Consultations - A 90 minute consultation which in many cases is often enough to get things moving nd get fundraisers back on track. Most clients usually follow this up by also attending a workshop. Others simply book a consultation before the start of each fundraising project.
  • Trustees, Staff, Members & Inhouse Training - Apart from our flagship Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising our programmes include, Writing Susscessful Grant Applications; Making Your Organisation Fit for Funding; A Guide to Self-Publishing; Developing an Internet Fundraising Solution; Setting up a Social Enterprise, Donor Management & Fundraising Campaigns; Dealing with Issues of Diversity & Equalities and other bespoke courses
  • Fundraising Project Management - From time to time we will manage an external fundraising project if it is of significant interest or ties in with a project we are already involved in. Howver, our aim is to make you and your team better fundraisers, not to do it for you. We also have our own worthty causes that we support.
  • Daylite & Moneyworks for fundraisers - These are two software packages we use ourselves, recommend and supply. ff you are a charity or social enterprise managing donors and fundraising stategies then we can certainly help you get the most out of Daylite, using a unique template designed by Amal Douglas, author of Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising, We can also put you in toch with the best advise available for setting up Moneyworks a very comprehensive, usable and inexpensive accounting software solution.

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